61 State Road, Routes 5 & 10, Whately, MA 01373
 Currently open Monday through Saturday 11:00 AM-7 PM,
Sundays 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM.
Cruise Nights every Friday, 5:00 PM until dusk

More Than Just Hot Dogs!

  • Long Hot Dogs

    Hot Dog 

    Chili Dog 

    Cheese Dog 

    Chili Cheese Dog 

    Mexican Cheese Dog 

    Mexican Cheese Chili Dog 

    Kraut Dog 

    Kraut Cheese Dog 

    Bean Dog 

    Bacon Dog 

    Bacon Cheese Dog. 

    Bacon Mexican Cheese Dog. 

    Bacon Chili Cheese Dog 

    Bacon Bean Dog

  • 12-Inch Grinders



    Bacon Hamburg 

    Bacon Cheeseburg 

    Steak & Cheese 


    Chicken & Bacon 



    Ham & Bacon Club 


    Turkey & Bacon Club 

    Ham & Turkey 

    Ham, Turkey & Bacon Club 

    B.L.T Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato 



    Cheese Veggiburg. 

    All Above Grinders Include Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Onion, Pickle & Seasoning. Cheese Provided Upon Request On The Hamburg, B.L.T. And Veggieburg Grinders.

    Hot Sausage 

    Sweet Sausage 


    All Above Grinders Include Cheese, Grilled Onions & Peppers, Sweet Roasted Red Peppers, Marinara Sauce & Seasoning.

    Steak & Cheese W/Grilled Onions & Peppers 

    Kielbasa & Kraut 

  • Homemade


    Chili, Chowder, Soup of the Day

    Half Pint   Full Pint 

    Pulled Pork Sandwich with cole slaw

    Pulled Pork Plate with beans, cole slaw & cornbread 

    Our Award-Winning Homemade Chili 

    Mac & Cheese 1/2 pint 

    Mac & Cheese pint 

  • Specialty Dogs

    Mac & Cheese Dog 
    With Our Homemade Mac & Cheese

    Blt Dog 
    Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo

    Grilled Onion And Pepper Dog 

    Special Dog 
    Tomato Sauce, Cheese & Seasoning

    Chicago Dog 
    Topped With Pickles, Tomatos, Relish, Onions, Mustard & Celery Salt

  • Juicy Burgers

    We use fresh 85% lean ground 5 oz. beef patties for all our burgers & burger grinders.


    Hamburg Special 


    Cheeseburg Special 


    Cheese Pepperburg


    Bacon Cheeseburg 

    Bacon Cheese Pepperburg 


    Chili Cheeseburg 

    Onion & Pepperburg 

    Onion & Pepper Cheeseburg 

    Veggie Burger Special 

    Cheese Veggie Burger Special 

    Double Any Burger, Add 

    Add Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, & Onion, Add 

    Add Bacon 

    SPECIAL” includes mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle.

    If you or anyone in your party has a food allergy, please bring it to the attention of our staff prior to ordering.

  • Specialty Sandwiches

    Triple Bypass Burger
    Quarter pound burger loaded with our homemade mac & cheese and pulled pork

    Quadruple Bypass Burger
    Quarter pound burger loaded with our homemade mac & cheese, pulled pork, & bacon

    Grilled Chicken Sandwich
    Grilled Chicken Breast w/mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, pickle & seasoning on rye, wheat or sesame seed bun

    Grilled Chicken & Bacon Sandwich
    Grilled Chicken Breast w/mayo, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, pickle & seasoning on rye, wheat or sesame seed bun

    Tuna Deluxe
    Tuna Salad, mayo, lettuce & tomato on a warm New England style hot dog roll

    Kielbasa & Kraut on Rye, wheat or sesame seed bun 

    Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
    on rye bread, sesame seed bun or wheat

    Deli Sandwich
    Turkey, Ham, or Tuna piled high with mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, pickle and seasoning on rye, wheat or sesame seed bun

  • Side Orders

    French Fries
    Reg.  - Family Size 

    Onion Rings
    Reg.  - Family Size

    Cheese Fries
    Reg.  - Family Size 

    Chili Fries
    Reg.  - Family Size 

    Chili Cheese Fries
    Reg.  - Family Size 

    *Add Jalapeno Peppers
    Reg.  - Family Size 

    Potato Chips 

    New England Baked Beans

    ½ Pint 

    Full Pint 

    Deli Sides

    Tuna Pasta Salad 

    Cole Slaw 

    Seasonal Deli Sides 

  • Fountain Drinks

    Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Orange, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Sweet Tea, Unsweetened Tea, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Powerade Mountain Blast

    Small 12oz
    Large 20oz


    Water Bottle

    Milk (White Or Chocolate)

Toppings List


Yellow Mustard

Brown Mustard

Hot Mustard

Honey Mustard







Mexican Cheese


Baked Beans

Roasted Red Peppers





Black Olives

Cream Cheese

Tomato Sauce


Bbq Sauce

Ranch Dressing

Celery Salt

Grilled Onions And Peppers

Cole Slaw